Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Your style has no impact on your skill. It says nothing of your drive; your dedication to bringing your best, nor does it bring you closer to the apex of being a champion. What it does do, is put your unique stamp on your efforts. Fashion has always been a large aspect of our community. Not because it gives us a literal edge, but because it provides an exceptional outlet to display our uniqueness. Our individuality.

Whether you’re slamming the asphalt or a wave, your personality is on display through your body language, your ability and what you choose to wear. We’ve always broken away from the ‘standard’—developing a look that not only fits our thirst for glory, but also tells others about who we really are. We are champions. We are dedicated to our skill, and we seek a challenge.

It all started way back when in the fifties, where the first skaters took to the streets with nothing more than a plank strapped to some wheels and a drive to excel. Before brands, before labels and before there was even a real rhyme or reason to what we do, there was a simple drive to build something more. Over sixty years later, and that drive has built an empire. An empire dedicated to establishing our own paths, trends and style.  

Continue the tradition, bringing your own hoodie style to the scene. DKS can’t build your path for you, but we can provide a means to show off some threads that you can make your own. Do we have what it takes to bring you something fresh, something new and something that can help you build the image you’re looking for? Yeah, we think our skate sweatshirts can.

If you’re looking for a bit of swag to show your skate sweatshirts or hoodies are as bright as your personality, check our Ocean Style Swagged Out Sweater. With a flair for style, and a design that says all you need to say about your attitude, Ocean Style brings the look you desire. Or maybe you’re a sucker for the classics. Sleek looks and simple design can be found with the DKS “OG” Hoodie. This baby started us out, and still brings the authentic traditionalist look in spades, with a little added flair.

You already strive to be the best. To show you have the hard-earned skill and drive it takes to be the best. So choose skate sweatshirts befitting of a champion. Continue the tradition, and build your own empire.